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Bonsai Staffing Agency

Bonsai Staffing Agency was established in 2023 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to connect exceptional talent with outstanding workplaces. We have gained industry recognition for our innovative solutions, superior service, and commitment to collaboration. As a family-owned business, our clients are our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing outstanding service and top-notch solutions.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and innovation, using new technologies and resources to stay at the forefront of an evolving job market. Our experienced team of recruiters works tirelessly to find the best matches for each job opening, ensuring that our clients have access to top talent at all times. We specialize in aiding college graduates in their transition from university to the professional world, improving the employment rate for universities, and alleviating anxiety related to college loans by providing a source of income. Our focus is to assist individuals in finding careers in which they can excel and achieve success. At Bonsai Staffing Agency, we are here to ensure that you are well taken care of, and we look forward to building a lasting partnership with you.

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Find the Right Fit for Your Business

The Key to Successful Staffing and Recruitment


• We understand that every organization and job seeker has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer a range of flexible staffing options to accommodate them.

• Whether you need temporary, part-time, full-time, or contract staffing, we have a pool of qualified candidates to match your requirements.

• We also offer customizable recruitment solutions for both to fit your budget and timeline.

• We ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

Fast Hiring

• We understand that time is of the essence in the recruitment process. Therefore, we offer fast and efficient staffing solutions that minimize your time-to-hire and time-to-fill.

• Our streamlined and automated recruitment process eliminates manual tasks and bottlenecks, allowing us to identify and onboard the best candidates in the shortest time possible.

• We also maintain a robust talent pool of pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates ready to start working immediately, reducing the lead time for your staffing needs.

• Candidates no longer have to wait to get hired.


• We believe in the power of data-driven and evidence-based recruitment practices. Therefore, we leverage the latest technologies and tools to screen and assess candidates' qualifications, skills, and experience.

• Our rigorous screening process includes multiple rounds of interviews, skills tests, reference checks, and background checks, ensuring we only present you with the most qualified and reliable candidates.

• We also use predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to match the best candidates with the right jobs, increasing the chances of long-term success and satisfaction.

• Our services help candidates to find the right job to their preference.


• We are committed to delivering high-quality, dependable staffing services exceeding your expectations.

• Our team of experienced and dedicated recruiters and staffing specialists has a deep understanding of your industry and your specific staffing needs.

• We also provide ongoing support and communication throughout the recruitment process and beyond, ensuring you have a seamless and positive experience working with us.

How It Works?

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Meet the Owner

Michael Killian, the CEO of Bonsai Staffing Agency, boasts a professional services background and has successfully grown multiple businesses. He has served as a software consultant, project manager, and business owner, with an entrepreneurial background in successfully running an adventure brand. As a former collegiate athlete, Michael brings a driven and competitive mindset to his work, focusing on helping employees and employers find long-lasting career matches.